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Every time before you ride you should check: Every time before you ride you should check:

  • A. That the headlight and stop light are working.

  • B. Your fuel tap is not on 'reserve'.

  • C. The expiry date of your licence.

    The correct answer is A
    Correct. Headlights are essential not only to see at night, but also to keep you visible to other drivers. If your stop light isn't working other vehicles may run into the back of you.

Motorbike headlights

During the day you should keep your dipped headlight (or headlights) on if you don't have daytime running lights.

Adjust your headlight for the load you are carrying (read more here about how pillion passengers can affect your headlight angle).

When you replace your headlight bulbs go with the brightest ones that your headlights will take as this will give you the best visibility of you road as you are riding and also will make you more visible to other road users.

Keep your headlights clean, too, as any dirt or degradation to the plastic or glass headlight cover will reduce your headlight's effectiveness.

As your bike has a single point of light it is more difficult for other vehicles to judge how far away it is and how fast it is approaching and this is why it's critical that you keep your headlight as bridge and clear as possible.

For your rear lights and indicators remember that your bike can stop quite quickly and you don't want another vehicle, particularly a heavy vehicle, running into the back of you, therefore it's important that they work well. Brake lights should be tested to see that they are no illuminating when there's no input by you.

Check your indicators are working because these will help ensure that other road users know where you are going and don't turn or pull out in front.