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About us is a project to help Australians study for and learn the road rules more effectively whether for car, motorbike, truck or heavy vehicle. The heavy vehicle questions are for combination heavy vehicles (e.g. road trains and articulated trucks) and rigid heavy vehicles (e.g. buses and smaller trucks).

Questions are presented in random order to ensure study is more effective, and feedback is given at the end of each test to show you which questions you got wrong so you can study further.

Before studying for your DKT you should read the Getting Your Driver's Licence guide supplied by Roads and Maritime Services (click here to download it as a PDF).

The driver knowledge test is a touch-screen computer-based test of the road rules. You must answer 15 driving-related general knowledge questions and get at least 12 correct, and 30 road safety questions (including traffic signs) and get at least 29 correct.

You can download a full list of all the car questions, motorbike questions, combination heavy vehicle questions and rigid heavy vehicle questions as a PDF for studying, but as the actual test is in a computer format, use this free website to prepare yourself thoroughly.